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Dress Album Party Dresses

Are you ready to party? Our boutique party dresses ensure you can find the perfect dress for your event with a massive collection of popular seasonal styles. Dress Album provides a variety of designs that will leave your friends raving. Feel like a star when you choose one of the party or cocktail dress options in our online selection.

Fit & Size

Our party dresses are each a unique design that are made to flatter your figure, and hug your curves just the way you want! Accentuate your favorite features when you follow our sizing guidelines and customer reviews for the perfect fit. Most of our dresses run true to size, but we give recommendations for each one, so you don’t get stuck with a piece that’s too tight, loose, long, or short!

Designs & Styles

Dress Album’s boutique party dresses will truly have you feeling like the life of the party. The next time you go out, choose from one of our many trendy designs. Spice things up in colorful block dress or keep it classy with a little black dress every girl loves to have tucked away in her closet. For special occasions, date nights, and more, we’ve got the variety you need to look perfect for every event! Shop our collection now to stock up on amazing cocktail and party dresses.