Qipao - Your Summer Must-Have

April 30, 2018

Stun the crowds in Qipoa! Qipaos are known for their beautiful embroidery and their luxurious fabrics. They now come in many different lengths, various colors and patterns, as well as multiple fabrics. Discover a new modern twist at this traditional piece of clothing! 


Tradition with a new modern twist

Embroidered Qipao Dress

This red embroidered mini dress showcases a beautiful array of birds on a satin fabric. The 3/4 sleeves are very classic and stylish looking. So pretty!


Green Qipao Dress

This green midi-dress features floral embroidery at the bottom. A sheer cloth covers the dress and extends past the fabric, making this dress unique and fashionable!


Qipao Top

Qipao also creates tops along with dresses. Above is a 3/4 sleeve top with embroidered butterflies. The butterflies add a unique and stylish look to the top. Super cute!


Qipao Dress

This red embroidered midi dress will definitely catch people's eyes. The colorful embroidery depicts various patterns and birds on a luxurious organza fabric, making this dress a "must-have"!


Peacock Qipao Dress

This is the perfect dress for you! This A-line midi dress displays a beautiful pattern of peacock and flowers patterns on a luxurious silk fabric, giving you that perfect summer look!


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