Where to buy velvet dresses?

November 14, 2018

What fabric is perfect for dresses in fall?

We recommend velvetVelvet is a material that will never lose its popularity and has proven itself timelessly.  

Velvet Dress

Since the Renaissance era, and what most people believed began being associated with nobility, velvet has returned in fashion year after year. Velvet is a rich, warm, comfortable and use to be an expensive fabric made (often) from silk on a loom. Back in the day, velvet was usually a maroon-colored fabric, black, red-brown or red and it’s important to know that velvet is not actually a fabric, but rather the structure of the fabric. In different angles, velvet can catch light in different ways creating different colors making this fabric all that much more unique.  

velvet dress

Velvet's popularity only increased as time went on and as it did, velvet began being manufactured in warehouses making velvet a lot more accessible.

velvet dress

Nowadays, velvet is worn by anyone and everyone and has come to represent the comfy and cozy fall season, perfectly. Velvet flourishes in fall in staple items such as velvet dresses, which are usually paired with knee-high boots, with stockings that add that extra layer of accessories that piece everything together. 

 velvet dress

Where to buy velvet dresses?

Velvet dresses are essential in the fall since velvet is warm and usually comes in autumn colors; it truly is no wonder why velvet dresses and fall, go together like Christmas and eggnog. Velvet dresses come in assortment of designs and styles; Dress Album brings in exquisite styles.  

velvet dress


Thanksgiving dinners adorned with a velvet maroon v-neck knee-length dress is sure to add elegance.

velvet dress

During special occasions wearing a full-length black velvet dress is a classic and traditional look that flatters anyone!

velvet dress

The greatest thing about velvet dresses is that they can be worn during black-tie events or something you can wear to the office. A simple gray velvet dress with stockings and a blazer is stylish, gorgeous and still very appropriate; you can do no wrong with wearing the perfect velvet dress in fall.



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